Tuesday, December 25, 2012

God of Cricket, Humililty

The last few days have been filled by ink, words, spaces, all hailing the GOD - SRT! His retirement was an eventuality waiting to happen, instead of saying, why did he not go earlier or on a higher note, let us be glad that we have had the chance to see the joy of cricket unfold in our lifetime!

Certainly, would have been a pleasure to see him play (if he got runs) against the arch rivals Pakis, but then no time is a good time, his footwork has slowed after playing for 24 years and the fluidity seems lacking, but i digress like a critic.

This is only an ode to the Cricketer, Ambassador of the Country and a truly humble being, who ensured in his professional and personal life, he lived with grace and character, which is the learning for the youth.

There will be many a cricketer, who will perhaps, punch the cover drive with more panache, the flick with the wrists pointed towards fineleg, the paddle sweep next to the leg stump, better and better, but then will they be the Humble God of being and Cricket is the greater question.

I shall not realm into the statistics, as many will attack his ability to win games, scoring runs on which side of the field, against each country, but can the statistics talk about the goodness, the nurturing of 100's of players who have gained a word of praise to up the level of game, called Life, will always remain the unmarked score!

Ah, lets with pleasure and grace let the God - Rest in Peace!