Saturday, May 24, 2008

IPL League - Has lived up to its reputation!

Planned and launched amidst fanfare; the IPL season 1 has captured the imagination of viewers, spectators and i dare say even the cynics (me included) are a converted lot!!

Being a 'purist'; who swears by Test Cricket is mighty impressed with this form of bikini cricket; the tamasha, the about 3 hour entertainer has had some nail biting finishes and coupled with some on / off - skirmishes has added the extra dimension. King of Good Times - public lashing of his subjects; Badshah of Bollywood - being warned by the ICC Anti-corruption wing; SLAPGATE; Racial slurs, etc etc.

Early prediction of Warney's team being the underdogs who could spring a suprise; has certainly met its mark - inspirational & innovative captaincy (getting Yusuf Pathan to open bowling!!); seems reminiscent of Martin Crowe using Dipak Patel in the World Cup series about a decade ago!!

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