Thursday, May 22, 2008

Jeffery Oh Jeffery

I just finished reading the latest from Mr. Archer and can i least say that i was a tad dissapointed. What looked like an interesting back cover plot, turned out to be a 'drawn inspiration' from Count of Monte Cristo!!!

Jeffery's prison term perhaps has given him the inside view of prsion life and maybe he was the librarian there; wherein he re-read the great Monte Cristo and then mixed various other plots to turn out a poor 'B' grade plot.

Perhaps, the only thing missing was the 'vamp' and few melodies; if he can add them, prior to his departure from India, he could line up to meet the stars and produces to sell his 'novel' idea.

After the suspenseful - Shall We Tell The President; delightful - Kane & Abel; brilliant - Not A Penny More; so much was expected, but it was a serious letdown!

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